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Shopping Cart Abandonment: 10 Checkout Mistakes to Avoid

If you manage an e-commerce site, picking the right shopping cart is a must. The right cart helps you provide a comfortable and familiar checkout experience which will instill trust in the shopper and reduce the risk of them leaving your site before completing their purchase. You’ll want a shopping cart that allows you to customize the most important part of a customer’s visit to meet both your needs and theirs.

Despite the internet’s blazing fast pace, online shopping carts and checkout procedures haven’t changed much in the last few years. The ideal checkout is a clean and straightforward series of steps designed to have no potentially unpleasant surprises. Yet shopping cart abandonment is extremely high – 75% according to this infographic from Monetate. Why do so many people change their mind during the checkout process?

Here are 10 reasons for shopping cart abandonment, and what you can do to prevent them:

  1. High shipping costs or additional fees – Don’t try to hide the full cost of an item. Always include the taxes and fees so that your customers don’t feel misled. Special offers of free shipping can also help to build customer trust and loyalty.
  2. Lengthy delivery time – It’s not always in your control, but make sure to at least offer express shipping along with the regular, in case your customers aren’t prepared to wait.
  3. Insecure checkout – The internet can be a dangerous place, and most shoppers know that they should never share their information with a merchant they don’t trust. Make sure your customer knows that your checkout is secure and encrypted.
  4. Insufficient payment options – While you should accept payments from all the major credit cards, many people aren’t comfortable entering their credit card information online. More and more shoppers would prefer to use a more secure method of payment such as their Payza e-wallet, so make sure to offer alternatives.
  5. No guest checkout option – Don’t force people to sign up for an account on your website before they can make a purchase. Most people will just go somewhere else.
  6. No return policy – Make sure you have a written return policy available for shoppers to read during the checkout process.
  7. Too many steps – The rate of shopping cart abandonment increases significantly when there are 5 or more steps involved in the checkout process. Limit your checkout to 4 steps (plus a confirmation page).
  8. Product descriptions in foreign language – You should always pay attention to where your customers are located and tailor your website to their needs. If a shopper can’t use your site in their language, they will most likely go elsewhere.
  9. Pricing in foreign currency – Make sure your shopping cart supports the most common currencies depending on where your customers are located, and that it is easy for them to choose which currency the prices are shown in.
  10. Not ready to purchase – Online shopping makes price comparing easy. Many shoppers will begin the checkout process just to make sure there are no additional fees while they compare prices. It’s a good idea to include a feature that allows them to save their shopping baskets for later, such as a wishlist.

If you don’t already have one, Payza offers a wide variety of free modules for simple shopping cart integration so that you can provide your customers with easy and convenient checkout options. Payza-integrated shopping carts provide a simple and familiar way for your customers to shop from your online store and make single-step, multi-item purchases.

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