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Payza’s Tips for Making Money in College

Budgeting for Your Kids

It’s that time of year again. Even if it’s not your first year, going to college can cause a lot of anxiety, mostly thanks to financial concerns. With rising tuition costs, many students have to dedicate an increasingly large amount of their school year to working just to get by. Not to worry, Payza is here to help with tips on how to make money in college on your own terms.

This can be a real challenge. Many businesses don’t have the patience to deal with the complex scheduling needs of college students. But that doesn’t mean you need to fall into the trap of living off of loans, only to find yourself buried in so much debt by the end of your degree that it’s hard to imagine ever digging yourself out of it.

Instead, use these tips to make money during your college years on your own time and in your own way.

Identify Your Skills

This is the first step. Everybody has skills, but not everybody knows it. You can use any simple skill to raise money and gain real-world experience, and working for yourself is a great way to develop hands-on marketing experience.  Some examples:

  • Are you good with animals? Consider starting a dog-walking business. Experience gained: Salesmanship and small business ownership.
  • Do you sing or play an instrument? Busk on campus or downtown. Experience gained: Performative skills and self-promotion.
  • Are you a good writer? Offer your services as a freelancer on sites such as or earn money from your blog by referring people through’s Partner Program. Experience gained: Resume and portfolio building, business connections, practical writing experience.

Other Tips

  • Freelance – Freelancing isn’t just for writers. If you’re a visual artist, sign up for where you can offer your graphic design skills to small business. There are also sites such as where you can market whatever particular skills you may have as a freelancer to businesses all over the world.
  • Tutor – Remember how lost you were in first year? Why don’t you lend those first year students a hand now that you’re older and wiser. Struggling students will pay good money to learn the lessons that you had to learn the hard way. Set an hourly tutoring fee and start printing out and distributing flyers and posting online. Let the professors know that they can recommend you as a tutor for their struggling students.
  • Sell your used text books. Don’t just let them collect dust on your shelves, and don’t keep them unless they will really be useful to you in your career. Try selling them to the campus bookstore or sell them online directly to students.

By working for yourself, you can earn as much or as little as you need and work whenever you have free time between your studies. With a free Payza account, it’s easy to accept payments and manage your business online without taking time away from your studies, so sign up today and start earning money!