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Payza Expanding to Support Greater Range of Industries

Payza in Paradise

It’s been a busy year for Payza, and we’re not ready to slow down just yet. With eWallet services resuming in the U.S. and new partnerships with companies such as Ziroca, Payza is now able to expand our services and offer support for merchants around the world in a wider range of industries.

Some industries now being supported, like e-cigarette and e-liquid sales, are completely new to Payza, while others, like various income earning opportunity programs, were previously supported by Payza and are now coming back.

Here’s a look at some of the ecommerce industries that can now sign up for Payza Business accounts and accept eWallet payments:

Income Earning Programs: Payza members love using their accounts to earn some extra money, so we’ve expanded the types of programs that can use Payza for collecting fees and making payouts. If you manage an earning program contact Payza’s helpful Sales Team see if your company qualifies for a Payza Business account.

File Hosting: These sites are a great place to store your pictures, videos and music, and they make it easy to share with your friends and family. Many of these sites give you some services for free, but you can also pay for a membership for more features. File hosting site owners can now use Payza to process member payments and payouts, and our handy recurring billing option makes it easy to accept subscription payments.

E-Cigarette and E-Liquid: One of the trendiest products to sell online right now, e-cigarettes provide tobacco-free alternatives to regular cigarettes. Because of their connection to highly regulated traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette merchants can sometimes have trouble finding a compatible payment processing service. Payza is here to help fill that need, by allowing these merchants to accept online eWallet payments.

Adult Entertainment: This is another industry where entrepreneurs sometimes have difficulties finding the right payment partner. Thanks to the partnerships Payza has formed this year, adult entertainment sites can now use Payza to give their customers and easier way to pay.

These are just a few of the new industries now able to accept eWallet payments from Payza members, our updated User Agreement has these and other industries added to our list of regulated industries, meaning they can now set up and use a Payza Business account and Payza Payment Buttons.

If you’re ready to start accepting Payza payments, this post about becoming an approved Payza merchant can help you get set up. You can also contact our Sales Team by emailing for more information.

  • great love payza

  • Ahmed Saleh

    It’s a very good move. Payza, keep your support and never roll back.

  • Serbian

    This is the greatest move ever, this wil totally destroy PayPal in the long run. Love you payza and thank you.