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Enhance Customer Confidence with a Clear Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

If you’re an online merchant, your customers’ confidence in you is paramount. There are many ways to enhance customer confidence, but a good way to start is to ensure that your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are clearly written, with customer interests in mind.

Your Privacy Policy should state your views and procedures regarding the information you collect about your customers whenever they make a purchase from your website, and your Terms of Service (TOS) should list the rights and responsibilities of both you and your customers. These are the most important documents on your website, so they should be carefully written.

If your customers trust you with their personal information and with their money, they will come back to spend more money, and will refer their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

How to ensure an effective Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for your website:

  1. Speak clearly: By using plain language, you make your privacy and TOS documents accessible to as many people as possible, instead of forcing them to hire lawyers to do the decoding for them.
  2. Don’t play hide-and-seek with your terms: It’s a bad idea to hide clauses that you don’t want your customers to find behind walls of text. If you make your privacy and terms documents impossible to read, you will sacrifice customer confidence.
  3. State the information you are collecting: Let your customers know about the information you collect on them whenever they are visiting your website and making purchases. You will also want to mention how you collect information, how you store this information and whether or not you will be sharing the information with a third party.
  4. Use ALL-CAPS for important points: Many customers will only skim the content, even though it is in their best interest to read these documents carefully and completely. By capitalizing important information, customer will know that those points are worth reading.
  5. Share your contact details: You should make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you if they have any questions about your Privacy Policy or Terms of Service. It’s a good idea to reiterate your contact details on the pages where these documents are found, or at least include a link to your Contact Us page.

You should make these documents accessible to your customers. The easier it is for them to find information on your website, the more confidence they will have in you as a credible and caring merchant. So, make your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as customer-oriented as you can.

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