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Accept Payments Faster with Payza

Sell Faster with Payza

When you’re running a business, whether online or in the real world, you need to be able to accept a wide range of payment methods, and the sooner you can have them set up, the better. Payza recognizes this fact so we’ve made it faster and easier for you to start accepting Payza payments on your website.

In order to use Payza payment buttons there is a checklist of tasks you need to complete as a business to ensure that your site meets Payza’s requirements and adheres to our User Agreement. Under the old system, this process could take 2-3 business days, too long if you have customers waiting to shop on your site.

While the steps involved in setting up Payza buttons play an important role in protecting our members, we’ve found a way to speed up the process and ensure that our members can still shop at Payza merchants with confidence.

Introducing a faster way to get paid

Payza has fine-tuned this process to make sure you can start getting paid as quickly as possible. With the new system in place, you can go from not having a Payza account to having live Payza payment buttons on your website in just a few minutes!

You read that right, once you sign up for a Payza Business account, simply complete and submit the website review form and you can start using Payza payment buttons right away. At that point you can begin accepting Payza e-wallet payments from other members. Our team will review your site to make sure everything is in order, once it is approved you will be able to accept credit card payments as well.

Your account will still need to be verified before you can withdraw or transfer the money in your business account, but with the new system in place, you can start accepting online payments right away.

So don’t wait another minute, sign up for your Payza Business account today and start accepting payments in minutes. If you need any help or guidance, our customer support team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.