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How mobile phones are impacting payment processing

Online Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile online payment ProcessingIt seems like e-commerce is still new and innovative, but truth be told, it’s old news. As with most technological advances, new developments have to become increasingly convenient to meet the needs and desires of the masses. So a brand of commerce that allows people to buy and sell online while on-the-go is what’s really in demand these days. Welcome to mobile or m-commerce.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and the vast majority – or so it appears – are smartphones. These are essentially mini-computers that allow people to do anything a regular laptop or desktop computer can do, like send emails, watch movies, listen to music, download content, and buy products or services. Smartphone’s are making life more convenient because so much can be done with them, including making revolutionary changes to the way people buy, sell, make payments or send money online.

More people than ever before are making online payments with their mobile phones. According to an article published on (, approximately 5.9 billion people on the planet have mobile phones, and of that number, 30% spend at least a half hour a day on their phone, whether it’s for talking, texting or video-chatting. About 1.2 billion mobile phone users surf the web on their phones. With m-commerce on the verge of experiencing a “99% fold increase in the next 6 years”, it looks like a substantial majority of people will be shopping via mobile phone. But oddly enough, 79% of online vendors do not have a website that is optimized for a mobile platform. Seems a little out of sync, right? Well, merchants need to hop on this fast-moving train or get knocked off the tracks if they want to capitalize on this incredible development.

In response to the growing popularity and wide use of m-commerce platforms, Payza offers a mobile-optimized version of our website: With the touch of your finger to your sleek smartphone screen, you can send money, check your account balance or review your transaction history.

If you’re an online merchant and you want to make it easier for customers – existing and prospective – to pay for your products and services, then you can offer Payza as your preferred platform for safe, affordable and instant online payments.


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