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The Future of e-Commerce in Bangladesh

Payza connected commerce

For months now, Payza and our local partner in Bangladesh, Casada Tech, have been working closely with Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. (BCB) and some of the nation’s most popular internet retailers to bring major advancements to the country’s e-commerce scene. Becoming digital is an important goal of the current Bangladeshi government, and along with its local partners Payza plans to be a major contributor in creating a connected Bangladesh.

Payza, Casada and BCB have been working to create an online wallet and payment service designed specifically to meet the needs of Bangladeshis. The new online wallet lets Bangladeshis deposit Takas, either by credit card or by visiting a bank teller, and then use that money to shop online, pay bills, or send money to their friends and family. “We were looking for a way to combine the familiarity of personal service with the convenience of mobile technology and the speed of the internet. We think the final product is something that Bangladeshis will really love and use almost every day,” said Nadim Rahman, Vice-Chairman of Casada Tech.

Payza is getting ready to introduce a new deposit and withdrawal option to Bangladesh, Over the Counter transfers. This new method to load and unload Payza accounts will let Bangladeshis go to their local BCB bank teller and set up an instant deposit or withdrawal. The feature is set to begin beta testing in September before being made available across the country.

“The modern world is digital, it exists online as much as in nature,” said Rahman, “we were looking for a way to combine the world Bangladeshis already know with the new online world that is still developing. Having a reliable online payment processor and ewallet service in Bangladesh is an absolute must in order to make sure Bangladeshis are free to participate in and contribute to the online world as much as possible. The Payza platform already gives Bangladeshis living overseas an easy and affordable way to send money home. It already gives Bangledeshi freelancers a way to get paid for their services so they can bid on contracts from America, Europe and anywhere else in the world where there expertise is sought after. But that’s just the beginning.”

Payza has lined up an impressive collection of local ecommerce retailers that are ready to accept payments using its platform. Marketplace, grocers Direct Fresh, restaurant delivery service Foodpanda and many more of Bangladesh’s top sites have all pledged to incorporate Payza’s online payment processing system for easy checkouts. Other Bangladeshi businesses interested in seeing how Payza can help streamline their payment processing needs can contact our sales team.

Using Payza to pay while shopping online will have many advantages. As a PCI Level 1 compliant payment processor, Payza follows strict standards to protection the personal and financial details of our members, so your information stays secure. With Payza you won’t need to keep large amounts of cash on hand to pay on delivery. Instead you can pay securely online, and with Payza’s Resolution Center, your transactions are protected.

  • Hi Abu, the list is growing day by day. Please contact BCB to find out where the service is currently available.

  • Hi Payza, why don’t you consider more banks like #DBBL, #BRAC , I am just telling about internet friendly banks. And you may try some agent/pre-paid (scratch card) system top-up. (eg. webmoney, perfectmoney)

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We’re just beginning the first testing phase of this service right now, and we’re looking for ways to expand it so that more people can take advantage of it in the future.