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What are E-Currency Exchangers and why are they so Important?

Payza Exchangers

If you use online payment platforms and e-wallet services, you might be familiar with e-currency exchangers. These companies will help you transfer money from one e-wallet service to another, or let you use the money in your Payza account to purchase other quasi cash items such as mobile credits.

Using an exchanger is a great way to make the most of your Payza account, but be careful, not all exchangers are created equal. These days it seems like just about anyone is willing to take your money from one service and pay you on another, but can they really be trusted?

At Payza, some exchanger services have been integrated directly into our platform. In most countries, members are now able to exchange their Payza money directly for Bitcoin right in their accounts by using the Withdrawal by Bitcoin feature. U.S. members are also able to buy eGift Cards at over 80 of the largest retailers and restaurants in the country. That is just a couple of examples of how exchangers are being used at Payza to give you more options.

For other services, we have a list of Authorized Exchangers that you can use to help you add money to your Payza account from outside our platform, or to move your Payza dollars into another account.

The best part about Authorized Exchangers is that these companies have all been reviewed by Payza so you can rest assured that they can be trusted to follow through on their services. If you want to exchange your Payza funds, you should only use one of the exchangers in your country authorized by Payza. You can find the list of Authorized Exchangers here: Payza Authorized Exchangers

How to Become a Payza Authorized E-Currency Exchanger

Do you offer exchanger services or do you have a great exchanger to recommend? Let us know! We’re always looking for quality companies to partner with. Contact our Business Development team at to get started.

Payza is eager to work with innovative companies that can provide outstanding regional or international services that will give our members more choice when it comes to using their Payza dollars.