Industry Trends
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Internet marketing is an umbrella term that includes many technologies, tactics, channels, and revenue streams. There is no shortage of ways to
Announcements Payza Advanced Security
Payza Introduces New Advanced Security Levels and 2-Factor Authentication
At Payza, security for our members is very important. One of our top priorities is to keep your Payza account safe and
Bitcoin Crypto to cash payza
From Cryptocurrency to Cash: Exchanging Is Easier Than You Think
Going from cryptocurrencies, especially altcoins, to cash can be difficult. So we’ve compared the best solutions on the market for exchanging Bitcoin
Announcements Payza Bitcoin Mass Pay
Payza Launches New Bitcoin SendMoney API for External Bitcoin Wallets
Payza continues to improve our Bitcoin services. Our latest feature, Bitcoin MassPay API, makes it easier for merchants to send Bitcoin payouts to multiple people with just one click. This new API makes it simple for payout merchants to pay all their affiliates in Bitcoin, whether they have a Payza account or not.
Media Coverage
Interview at Telegraph Studios with Payza CEO, Firoz Patel
Business Reporter has an exclusive interview with Payza EVP (now CEO) Firoz Patel about e-commerce and the future of payments. Patel spoke to Alastair Greener at the Telegraph Studios for Business Reporter’s Future of Payments campaign.
Bitcoin Then and Now – Has Bitcoin Lived Up to Its Promise?
The early months of 2017 have been a very interesting time for Bitcoin. On January 2nd, Bitcoin maintained a value of $1,000 USD for the first time and only 5 months later it set its current record value of over $3,000. For a cryptocurrency that was worth only 25 cents per coin in 2010, this radical rate of growth has kept investors on the edge of their seats.
Payza People Payza travel card
Traveling Money: The Prepaid Card Advantage
Whoever coined the phrase "cash is king" probably wasn't talking about international travel. There are so many reasons NOT to carry cash internationally that an entire industry has been built on providing alternatives
How to Use Payza Payza how to
The Payza Card: A Complete How-to Guide
The Payza Card is one of our most popular products. It gives our members in over 190 countries a simple way to access the money in their Payza accounts and use those funds to shop online or in-person. The Payza Card can also be used at most ATMs, putting cash right in your hand.
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Payza’s Altcoin News Generates Headlines
Payza's latest news regarding the expansion of our cryptocurrency services has not gone by unnoticed by the media. Here are some articles about Payza and our latest altcoins news:
Shopping Online Payza Summer Read
Payza Summer Reading Guide for 2017
The summer is officially here (in the northern hemisphere) and we're all looking forward to taking some time off in the hot sun and reading a few good books. To prepare, we asked our staff to share some recommendations for summer reading.