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How Apps Make Money Using Smart Design

The tremendous reach and revenue of Pokemon Go is impossible to ignore. Within one week of its release, it was already the biggest mobile game in US history and in the first month alone its developer, Niantic, had earned over 200 million USD. This is despite the fact that the game is a free downloadable app – so where is all this money coming from?

How to Use Payza
Reduce Transaction Fees by Choosing the Right Deposit Option: Credit Card Versus Bank Account

Adding funds to your Payza account is always easy but some methods cost you more than others. Many Payza members add funds to their Payza account using credit cards, but that isn’t always your best option. Very often, adding funds by bank account will cost you less, and the more you deposit, the more you save!

Simple Steps to Protect Your Payza Prepaid Card—and Your Money!

Congratulations, you have just received your Payza Prepaid Card and are now ready to carry your money with you, wherever you go. Before you start using your Payza Prepaid Card at home or abroad, we would like for you to know how to keep your card–and the money on it–safe

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Payza Integrates Interac Online Payment Method

Payza has announced their integration with Interac’s online payment method for Canadian consumers and businesses. Canadian consumers can add funds to their Payza accounts directly through their online bank account via the ‘Add Funds by Interac Online’ option within their accounts. In addition, Payza Businesses worldwide can directly accept Interac Online payments from Canadian members.