Industry Trends
Payza and Bitcoin: A Look at What’s Next

A little over six months ago, Payza gave our members an easy way to buy Bitcoin with the money in their Payza accounts. It was our first foray into the exciting, rapidly developing world of cryptocurrencies. A few weeks later, Payza offered our members an option to sell Bitcoin to Payza, a simple way for members to fund their accounts using bitcoins.

Payza and Loyalty Roadside Assurance Team Up for a Special Offer

Nobody wants to be left out in the cold, stranded on the side of a lonesome highway waiting for a tow truck that’s sure to cost a small fortune. It’s something nobody wants to experience, but a reality that every driver should be prepared for.

Stopping the Bleed: What the Heartbleed Bug Can Teach Ecommerce Businesses

Last week the web was rocked with the news of the Heartbleed bug, which affected servers by exploiting a vulnerability in OpenSSL encrypted data (Payza’s servers were secure – you can learn more in this post). The vulnerability had particularly severe implications for ecommerce businesses, as it gave hackers access to a server’s memory, where sensitive data like usernames, password information, and credit card numbers are stored. Ecommerce businesses can take this opportunity to take another look at their web server security.

Press Release
Payza adds U.S. Bank Transfer Deposits and Withdrawals

Payza, a leading online payment processor and remittance platform, announced the launch of Bank Transfer (ACH) deposits and withdrawals for all Payza members with U.S. bank accounts. The new services are currently the lowest cost deposit and withdrawal methods available to members.