Country Spotlight

Country Spotlight: France, the 5th Largest E-Commerce Market

France is now the 5th largest e-commerce market worldwide. According to 2016 figures, France soared past Germany, knocking that country out of the top 5 in online sales volumes and becoming the 2nd biggest market in Europe (behind only the UK).


Payza Unveils New Bitcoin Options Letting Members Send, Receive, and Hold Bitcoins

Payza was among the first online payment processors and e-wallet providers to embrace Bitcoin by letting members buy and sell Bitcoin directly. Today, Payza is unveiling a wide range of new Bitcoin options, including the ability to hold Bitcoin right in your Payza account.

Online Security

Review Your Online Security: Large List of Hacked Email Accounts Being Sold Online

The internet can be a dangerous place, so we want to make sure you are protected. Payza takes your security very seriously and we take all the necessary precautions to protect your information and your money, but there are thing you can do as well.